We’ve Raised $3m to Continue Serving Couples

Ivella HQ
Written by 
Kahlil Lalji
June 6, 2022

Today we’re super excited to announce our $3 million seed round with participation from Anthemis, Financial Venture Studio, Soma Capital, and others to continue fueling our mission of building the best banking products for couples.

Couples are one of the most underserved customer demographics by consumer banks and financial institutions, and yet, they control the largest share of consumer spending in the US. The financial products they use lack differentiation, ignore changing societal trends, fail to meet their unique constraints, and are, frankly, wildly uninspiring.

Historically, couples have had to approach the world of financial services in one pseudo-step-function, whereby they're forced to use peer-to-peer payment products like Venmo or Zelle until they get engaged/married and open up a joint account. They might, at that point, continue with some combination of personal and/or shared accounts, but there is no alternative path.

The first product we released, the Split Account, is designed to be a stepping stone for couples that are between those stages. It allows couples to automatically split transactions while maintaining individual accounts & balances. A shared account without actually being a shared account, per se. For many of our users, the Split Account serves as the first financial product that they’ll ever use together.

While the Split Account is the only product that we currently have in market, we plan to support couples at any stage of their journey. Over 50% of our couples are still dating and as those relationships progress they’ll need access to further financial products. Over the next year, we’ll be working on a points & rewards program, joint accounts, an android app, and more.

Our user base is growing rapidly, and we’re expanding our team across design, engineering, and marketing. If you’re interested in joining us please send an email to careers@ivella.com with your resume and the most interesting thing you’ve done. We’d love to have you join the ride.