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We're building the future of
banking for couples.

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How it began

Ivella was founded with the simple goal of creating the best banking products for couples. We're re-thinking how financial products should look and feel from first principles.

Couples are one of the most underserved customer demographics by consumer banks and financial institutions, and yet, they control the largest share of consumer spending in the US. The financial products they use lack differentiation, ignore changing societal trends, fail to meet their unique constraints, and are, frankly, wildly uninspiring.

Our mission

Money and finances are the number one most commonly cited relationship killer. 31% of couples between 25-34 report money as a weekly stress. Why is it that then, that the only financial product built for couples are joint accounts? Ivella is here to expand those options. Beautiful relationships deserve beautiful financial products.

Where we're going

We want to be able to support your financial goals regardless of where you are in your relationship. We started with the Split Account, but over the next couple of years we’ll be working on joint accounts, budgeting & analytic tools, credit products, and joint investment accounts. We're looking to create the most financially empowered generation of couples ever.

Meet the team

— crafting beautiful products.

Kehan Zhang

Product Engineer

Kyle Lee

Growth & Content

Joanna Liu

Digital Marketing

Eric Jubber

Product Engineer

Emanuel Kassie

Product Designer

Vishal Dubey


Eric Wang


Kahlil Lalji

CEO & Co-founder

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The best banking
products for couples.