We're building the best banking products for couples.


Ivella was founded with the simple goal of creating the best in class banking products for couples. We're re-thinking the entire banking process, and working from first principles.

Money and finances are the number one most commonly cited relationship killer. So why then, do a majority of couples push off important conversations regarding income, expenses, debt, and savings until they're getting married? Why is Venmo the default financial product that couples resort to? 

We believe that our products can help alleviate much of the stress that comes along with finances in relationships. We're working towards a radical shift in the way couples handle expenses. Our ideal would be that every couple adopts our Split Account one to three years into their relationship, and becomes more financially confident in their relationship.

Our product line will evolve along with you, so when you're ready to get married, take out your first mortgage, have your first kid, we'll be there. However, we don't want you to wait to start using financial products, start now. So we created the Split Account as that first jumping off point. 

We're looking to create the most financially empowered generation of couples ever.


We're looking for talented and ambitious individuals to join our journey at Ivella. We're a growing team looking to take on some big challenges.

If our mission and product interests you, we'd love to see you in our inbox! Let us know a bit about your background and why you think you'd be a good fit.

If you don't see something that fits, but are still interested in working with us, then please fill out an open application or email us at careers@ivella.com.

We're based in Santa Monica, CA.