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Ivella is Building the Future of Banking for Couples

We're excited to announce Ivella and share that we've joined the YC S21 batch and raised a $475k pre-seed round from Y Combinator, Financial Venture Studio, and Joshua Browder.

Despite all of the recent innovations in financial technology, there has been one customer segment that has been continually overlooked and neglected, couples. The banks and financial technology companies of today treat banking products for couples as an afterthought, and approach banking as a static single-player game. Account types, onboarding, transactions, budgeting tools, and analytics are all designed and built to serve the needs of a single user and retrofitted to support the use by two. A study conducted by The Harris Poll found that “money caused the most stress” on relationships and that “younger adults (age 18-54) were almost twice as likely (44 percent to 23 percent) to cite money as the top stressor”.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Ivella, and share that we've joined the YC S21 batch and raised $475k from Y Combinator, Financial Venture Studio, and Joshua Browder. At Ivella our mission is simple, build the best banking products for couples. Different relationship stages create different financial needs, so we’re developing a line of banking products that grows and matures with the couple. Ivella’s first product, the Split Account, is designed to help early-stage couples automatically split their finances and helps bridge the gap between where peer-to-peer payment products like Venmo or Zelle and joint accounts have traditionally existed.‍

We’re extremely grateful for the support of our investors and our small team that is helping us on this journey. If our mission excites you, and you want to come help us shape the future of personal finance and banking for couples, then please reach out. We’re actively hiring a backend engineer, iOS engineer, and product designer. If you're in a relationship and looking to try out Ivella then please join our waitlist and we'll onboard you as soon as we can! Although we’re early in our growth, we’re excited about the impact that we can have on the financial lives of couples at every stage of their relationship.

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