A Fresh Look

Ivella HQ
Written by 
Kahlil Lalji
August 30, 2022

Between the end of Y Combinator and now, our website has largely remained the same - focused solely on highlighting features and screenshots. As we continue to grow and evolve our brand, we’ve begun to capitalize on the opportunity to shift that focus to highlight the real experience of our customers, and this website refresh is our first step in that direction.

While Ivella is currently limited to serving couples that are primarily interested in splitting & sharing, over the next year we’ll be rolling out products that expand the number of couples we can serve (e.g. joint accounts, cash back, investment products, etc). Therefore, the design changes we’ve made are in pursuit of supporting a diverse array of users, stories, and journeys.

One way we’re exploring this is through custom versions of our landing page, as we did for a recent influencer activation with Kelly Wakasa and Ashley Alexander. You’ll find that the path /kashley serves as a near replica of our home page, with the caveat that some of the content is personalized to Kelly and Ashley’s experience using Ivella.

While this is just the first step in a much larger change unfolding over the next six months, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people involved in this website refresh. First and foremost is Caleb Raney, who worked on all of the initial concepts, web design, and Webflow build-out. Caleb is an incredible designer and Webflow engineer, and I would be remiss not to recommend him for any project you have. In addition, Emanuel Kassie helped with visual and web design work. Emanuel is a stellar product designer who recently joined the Ivella team full-time, so expect to see much more of his work over the next few months.

Keep an eye out for some upcoming iOS design changes, and if you’re interested in joining our design team, please send an email to careers@ivella.com with your portfolio and the most interesting thing you’ve done. We’d love to have you.