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Ivella connect to partner screen with default account ratio.

Connect to Partner

Signing up and connecting with your partner on Ivella is simple and takes less than five minutes. When signing up, you and your partner set a ratio of how you'd like to split expenses, and we automatically split all of the transactions you make using your Ivella Mastercard® Debit Card.

Ivella balance screen example with partner.

Add Money

With Ivella, you and your partner maintain individual checking accounts and balances. This protects you from your partner being able to withdraw money from your balance, but allows you and your partner to split all of the transactions that you make.

Ivella transactions screen with examples from Shake Shack, Whole Foods Market, and Target.

Track Spending

Ivella gives you and your partner a simple way to track all of the transactions that you’ve made together. You have the ability to see who made the transaction, how you’ve split it, and how much you each paid towards the transaction.

Ivella example manage transaction. Adjusting the ratio between two partners.

Split Payments

When using Ivella, we split all of the transactions you make by the default ratio that you've set with your partner. However, you can go back and change the split of any individual transaction, at any time, after you’ve made it and we'll re-adjust your balances instantly.

Ivella example manage transaction. Adjusting the ratio between two partners.

Transfer Money

In addition to splitting payments, Ivella makes it extremely simple to transfer between you and your partner. Use our built in peer-to-peer transfer feature to instantly send money back and forth between your account and your partner's account.